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Currently in the Works

Baldwin No.44699 – January 2020

Work has slowed on the Baldwin over the Christmas period, with the firehole door fitting being the main progress.  The wheel sets are ready for fitting and at some point in the near future the Baldwin will be turned into a rolling chassis, though for this to take...

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WLLR’s No.822 – January 2020

The spring hangers have been removed, built up, machined back to shape and re-riveted to the frames.  All the loose rivets on the frame have been removed and replaced.  The beading on the tanks has been removed and straightened. The tank edge has been cleaned and the...

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Garratt No.60 – January 2020

NGG 60 has seen a lot of work take place since the last update.  The super heaters have been hydraulically tested and fitted, this means the boiler unit is virtually complete other than fitting a brick arch in the firebox and the in steam inspection.  The power units...

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Carriage No.11 – January 2020

The detail work on Carriage 11 has been continuing with bespoke panelling having been designed for the insides of the doors that matches the sides of the carriages. Work on the fittings such as table supports and the table tops has also been taking place, though much...

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Baldwin No.44699 – November 2019

The Baldwin has had its new tyres fitted to the bogie and driving wheel sets. The crank pins have also been fitted to the driving wheel sets. With both of these done the Baldwin can be put onto its wheels for the first time since restoration began. The Liquid Nitrogen...

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Garratt No.60 – November 2019

Progress has been a little slower on the Garratt this month as the tempo of work has been a higher demand with our other projects. The plumbing of the cab fittings for the new air braking system has been completed and the pipework running below the boiler has also...

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WLLR’s No.822 – November 2019

The Earl has had its cylinders separated from the frames for inspection, the brackets for the spring hangers have had new rivets fabricated and fitted to re-attach them to the frames. The wheelsets have been turned and profiled, the throw and quartering has been...

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Carriage No.11 – November 2019

Carriage 11 is starting to come together with a large amount of the interior detailing approaching a completed condition and the lacquered divider between first class and the guard’s compartment being fitted. One interesting detail is the fact that each window frame...

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Carriage No.11 – October 2019

The detail work is gaining pace as the carriage comes together.  The surrounds for the toplight windows have been assembled along one side of the carriage, with the goal of completing one side then the starting the second. The Guards equipment storage area has been...

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Baldwin No.44699 – October 2019

Since the last update the Baldwin has had its cab riveted together, the holes required for the various pipework have been cut in the cab front and new handrails have been fabricated.  A custom spark arrestor designed in house by our team has been made and installed, a...

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Garratt No.60 – October 2019

The Garratt has been getting fitted out with the necessary pipework and control equipment for the addition of air braking on the locomotive. The pipework has been neatly hidden along the inside of the running board and under the floorboards on the footplate. A new...

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Completed Projects from our Works

Carriage No’s 14 & 15

Carriage No's 14 & 15 are the first carriages that have been modified to enable wheelchair access. Car 15's chassis and bogies date from the first batch of carriages, rebuilt to its current form in 1923. Carriage 15 hadn’t been used in service since...

GWR 1923 built Rheidol Tank No.7

After four years of hard work by a dedicated team of engineers, our iconic locomotive No.7 returned to steam in October 2018. The four year project costing £370,000 has not only restored the locomotive, but also re-introduced engineering excellence within...


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