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The new custom chairs for our new first class carriage are nearly ready, with the first few complete.
The frames have been made by Combined Frame Makers. They are a long established business who can trace their roots back to the centre of London’s furniture making industry of the early 1900’s.
Their Chair frames were first produced in Hoxton and some of these designs are still in production today. The frames are fashioned in a traditional manner by a devoted team who have had the necessary know how passed on to them by generations of dedicated craftsmen.
Once made, the chair frames came into our paintshop where they were lacquered by the experts in our paintshop to give a high gloss finish to the woodwork.
Torrington coastal restorations fabric makers have helped us by providing the fabulous fabrics for our seats.
Seats and their coverings are the most noticeable part of the interior of any transport vehicle, and the various styles and designs that have been used offer a fascinating journey through the fashions that have come and gone in the 175 years since the expanding railway network made travel affordable by all.
The fabric we have used is copied from non-faded samples of original material, and are woven using a traditional wool/nylon mix, giving excellent durability and flammability characteristics.
Our fabric is one of the “Festival of Britain” group of Designs, first introduced in 1951 to British railways and was a favourite of our former Chairman Peter Rampton.
The main motif in this design is reminiscent of the “Sun’s rays” effect which was often used in the more exuberant Art Deco designs of the pre-war Jazz age.
Our fabrics have been manufactured by Camira Ltd. (formerly John Holdsworth Ltd.) a company which opened its first mill in 1822, and which has been manufacturing moquette for rail and road applications since the middle of the 19th Century.
The upholstery was fitted onto the chairs by Newlook Upholstery Ltd. It was established in 1980 based in Caerphilly Borough, they are a family run Business which still remains to this day. Originally started as a small scale reupholstery specialist in a small unit in Aberbargoed with one YTS young man.
They are members of the Association of Master Upholsterers and have been serving customers in South Wales and the South East for over 30 years and have developed into a successful Business carrying out all aspects of upholstery work from modern contemporary to traditional upholstery work.Their work can be seen in these photos showing the first completed chairs for our carriages.
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