Until 14th February 2020 the Vale of Rheidol Railway Shop is open weekdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm



The Vale of Rheidol Railway re-creates the Edwardian spirit of adventure. Step aboard one of our restored steam trains for a stunning journey along the Rheidol Valley.

Since opening in 1902, millions have enjoyed the scenic trip through the ancient woodlands to Devil’s Bridge, home of the famous waterfalls.



See the countryside change as you travel through wide open fields and meadows, woodland and rugged mountain scenery. The narrow track gauge allows the railway to follow the contours of the terrain with many sharp curves and steep gradients which add to the railway’s charm.

Listen to the sound of a powerful narrow gauge steam locomotive working hard to climb 700ft (200m) during the 12 miles from Aberystwyth to Devil’s Bridge.

Birds of prey such as Red Kite and Buzzards are regularly seen soaring high above the valley floor and breath taking views can be enjoyed by all. 



With shops at both ends of the railway, you can purchase unique gifts and souvenirs, as well as light refreshments and local produce.

We specialise in railway books, garden railway and children’s train sets plus loads more. Please visit our online shop.



Review of the Year – 2019

Happy New Year from everyone at the Vale of Rheidol! 2019 has been a year of change on the VoR. Aberystwyth station has seen a complete transformation with new station facilities, booking office, toilets, platforms, coal stages, water columns galore! It will also be a...

A sneak peak of the new custom made chairs for our upgraded first class carriages.

The new custom chairs for our new first class carriage are nearly ready, with the first few complete.   The frames have been made by Combined Frame Makers. They are a long established business who can trace their roots back to the centre of London's furniture making...

Baldwin No.44699 – November 2019

The Baldwin has had its new tyres fitted to the bogie and driving wheel sets. The crank pins have also been fitted to the driving wheel sets. With both of these done the Baldwin can be put onto its wheels for the first time since restoration began. The Liquid Nitrogen...

Garratt No.60 – November 2019

Progress has been a little slower on the Garratt this month as the tempo of work has been a higher demand with our other projects. The plumbing of the cab fittings for the new air braking system has been completed and the pipework running below the boiler has also...

WLLR’s No.822 – November 2019

The Earl has had its cylinders separated from the frames for inspection, the brackets for the spring hangers have had new rivets fabricated and fitted to re-attach them to the frames. The wheelsets have been turned and profiled, the throw and quartering has been...

Carriage No.11 – November 2019

Carriage 11 is starting to come together with a large amount of the interior detailing approaching a completed condition and the lacquered divider between first class and the guard’s compartment being fitted. One interesting detail is the fact that each window frame...

Museum Collection & Heritage Rolling Stock Protection Shed Update

Work is now well underway on our new Museum Collection and Heritage Rolling Stock Protection Shed, it will feature three roads and is over 400ft long! The ground works have all been prepared and work has begun to erect the supporting framework of the building. Once...

Carriages Fleet Receives a bit of TLC

A project this winter has been to tidy up the exterior and re-varnish 3 closed carriages (No.’s 1, 3 & 5) and 1 summer car by Christmas. So far it’s two down, one and a half to go.

WLLR’s No.822 – October 2019

The Earl has had its chassis and superstructure stripped, sand blasted & spray painted in a coat of primer to protect the metal. Work can now begin towards reassembly of the engine.

Carriage No.11 – October 2019

The detail work is gaining pace as the carriage comes together.  The surrounds for the toplight windows have been assembled along one side of the carriage, with the goal of completing one side then the starting the second. The Guards equipment storage area has been...


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